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Độ phân giải Màn hình LED

Basic knowledge introduction of the stage LED display

LED Stage large screen can be divided image into multiple broadcast video segmentation,LED display screen can independent, combine and any combination to show video .LED screen can partition display according to requirements. It also can lift up and down into to show text. Personality video and beautify the stage background and stage on the ground. It is easy to maintain and suit for places of entertainment and big events. 
LED Stage large screen details.
The main screen  (Referred to as important led screen), Generally speaking, it stands in the middle of the stage background with the biggest area of LED large screen. In most cases, it is a square or rectangular. Due to the main led screen with the content is more important, so choose high pixel for it, in this way, the led screen will have a good effect, for example, with mature technology indoor p4, p5, and p6.
The secondary screen, those screens are usually set on both sides of the main screen. So they play mostly abstract content to serve for main led screen. Such as dancing fireworks, flashing box and so on.So secondary screen will have larger Pixel pitch,generally adopt P7.62, P8, etc.
Video expansion screen, general concert and large stage performance will use a larger venue,  some places can not see stage performance clearly. At this point , the big led screen will be placed in the sides of the venue to live on stage shows.
Some special shape LED large screen is often transformed based on the overall structure of the environment places. Their specifications can be customized according to the actual situation. Models are more varied. Let the place environment improve a new level and give person a kind of the feeling of dreaming.


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