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Tin tức về Màn hình LED

The biggest led display of world start working in American, Google might be the first user.

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Billed as the world's largest, highest resolution led display will enable in the Time Square, New York times Square will account for the Broadway from 45 to 46 street junction between width, and height of about 8 stores, almost the same football field area, such as display resolution is as high as 24 million pixels at the same Time, the monthly rent is about more than $2.5 million, and rumors will by Google package by the end of the lease.

According to the” New York times” reports that the world's largest high resolution led display in testing after a few days ago, is expected to be in the United States was officially opened on November 18, the whole area is nearly about the same football field, such as accounting for about the 45th street from Broadway to 46 street junction between width, and height of about 8 stores, and consists of 24 million groups of leds, the world's largest high resolution electronic billboards, monthly rent is more likely to more than $2.5 million.
Related news points out that Google will likely be the first tenants of this large led display. However, Google has no response, but Google did tenant before this in times square for promotional Android related electronic panel application content.
At present this led display located at 1535 Broadway, New York, at the same time hanging in the Marriott Marquis hotel, is expected to become the new passenger after tourist attractions, and bring more advertising effect and the actual revenue.


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