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Tin tức về Màn hình LED

LED three drive industry is growing rapidly

 Compared with incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp etc traditional lighting source, light-emitting diode (LED) as a new generation of lighting products with low power consumption, long life, no pollution, fast response, high color purity, are widely used in display, general lighting, automotive lighting, electronics backlighting, signal lighting and other fields.

Along with the advancement of urbanization and the promotion of green lighting, LED industry got rapid development in recent years. Global LED various applications, general lighting and automotive lighting field for the fastest growing market, rapid growth of the future LED the size of the market become important driving factor.
In addition, LED inside data display, LED display application market still show greater growth potential, one of the most stable growth point for the LED application field.
Intelligent lighting
In the field of general lighting, LED inside forecast global LED lighting in 2014 output value will reach $17.8 billion, the overall LED lighting product shipped number about 1.32 billion.Philips forecasts show that to the 2016 global LED lighting products related to market scale will reach 70 billion - 80 billion euros between, on the whole lighting one of the ratio can reach 45% 50% of the market.
Automotive lighting
Last year, more than 20 million vehicles, auto production in our country have both has the world's first for five consecutive years, large car market to drive the related auto parts industry to flourish, including LED automotive lighting market growth is more rapid, growth far above average growth of automobile industry.Figures show that 2010 years ago the domestic LED car lighting market average growth rate of 13%, and LED lamp market growth is above 40% in the past two years.
LED Display market
In addition to the general lighting and automotive lighting, LED display screen is one of the main application fields.LED display with high brightness, big Angle of view, the visual distance, flexible model, and the advantages of rich colors, can meet the requirements of different application scenarios, especially in large size display application has obvious advantages.
LED display industry of our country since the 1990 s after the start is always maintained a rapid development, contributed to the early stages of the LED industry prosperity. At present, the global LED display market is still in the rising stage. According to the Chinese optical photoelectron industry association forecast earlier, in 2013 China LED display market scale of up to 24.094 billion yuan.
Sinolink securities research report said, the LED display market in the future will still keep on growing, the next 3-5 years will remain around 15% growth, among them, LED full-color display faster growth, the average annual growth of around 30%.Display application is expected to become one of the most stable in the application of the domestic LED growth.


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